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Q. Why use Air Crafts Heating and Air Conditioning?
A. You will receive personalized, individual attention and responsiveness to your questions and concerns. Air Crafts has an excellent reputation and we pride ourselves in the number of happy clients and the glowing referrals that we receive. Check out our rating with the Better Business Bureau and our Contracting License with the State of California

Q. How long does the central air conditioning installation process take?
A. It depends, if new ductwork needs to be installed and electrical issues arise, the entire installation may take about two to three days. Each situation is different, but an average installation will take about 1 – 3 days.

Q. How can I avoid Air Conditioning problems?
A. The best way to avoid problems is to have your system serviced twice a year. Besides replacing your air filters and clearing away any debris within two feet of your outside unit, there isn’t much you can do. Our well-trained air conditioning professionals can diagnose the problems and repair your system.

Q. What is the typical cost of a standard maintenance service visit?
A. The cost should be around $100 if there is no need to repair or replace any parts. A typical service agreement which usually includes two service visits per year, might cost about $200 per year. Whether you opt for a service agreement or not, regularly maintaining your system is one investment definitely worth the money to avoid costly repairs that could have been prevented.

Q. How often should the furnace be looked at?
A. The frequency of your furnace maintenance depends on how much you use it. At the bare minimum you should have your furnace serviced once a year right before the upcoming cold season.

Q. What is Temperature Zoning?
A. Temperature zoning gives you full control of your indoor climate. By placing thermostats throughout your house you have the ability to choose different temperatures to suit each zone. This is especially handy if you live in a multi-level household where upper-level rooms tend to feel warmer in the summertime than the lower-level rooms.