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Heating & Furnace Services

You should not have to suffer through another chilly winter when there is a heating system that will warm your home perfectly! If the cold weather has you feeling uncomfortable in your own home, it may be time to repair your current heating system or invest in a new one altogether. The first step in getting your home comfortable again is to contact Air Crafts to examine your home, evaluate your home’s heating needs, and provide informed heating equipment recommendations. Let us improve the level of comfort in your home by helping you with your indoor heating and furnace needs.


The trusted A/C technicians of Air Crafts can evaluate your home’s heating needs and offer equipment and product recommendations. There are several types of heating systems on the market, but there is only one that perfectly suits your home.

When our A/C technician visits your home they will inspect your furnace or heating unit, and perform a thorough whole-house evaluation. This will help him calculate your home’s heating needs.

In order to calculate how fast heat escapes your house, your contractor will take into consideration the following characteristics of your home and its surroundings:

In order to calculate how fast heat escapes your house, your contractor will take into consideration the following characteristics of your home and its surroundings:

  • Local climate, especially noting average temperature lows
  • Direction your home faces
  • Square footage of entire home and each room
  • Roof style & ceiling style(s)
  • Number of windows in each room
  • Types of window frames
  • Number of walls and partitions
  • Number of doors
  • Types of doors: French doors, glass doors, etc.
  • Types of flooring: wooden, tile, etc.
  • Insulated walls & uninsulated walls
  • Fireplace(s) present or not
  • Major home appliances present
  • Number of occupants

By the end of your in-home evaluation, you’ll know exactly what to look for when selecting an appropriately-sized heating system. Having an appropriately-sized heating system will ensure that your system lasts as long as it should because it will work at its ideal capacity.


Replacing an old furnace or installing an entirely new heating system may be a time-consuming and messy process. But sometimes it is easy and fast. Depending on a few factors, the installation process can take as little as half a workday to two workdays. If your home already has a same-sized furnace and properly functioning ductwork, then the installation may take as little as four hours. However, since modern furnaces tend to be smaller than older models, size adjustments will likely need to be made to the ductwork; this will prolong the installation process.

Although there are many elements that go into a quality furnace installation, the best thing you can do as a homeowner is to visually inspect the final work of your contractor. Follow your instinct, or simply ask yourself these questions as you inspect the final product:

Are all the pieces connected seamlessly with no holes or gaps?

Does the final product look chaotic or sloppy?

Is the wiring clean or is it jumbled up in knots?

Does anything stand out as simply not appearing right? For example, is there a large amount of sprayed foam in any area? Or is duct tape carelessly applied to any part?

Whether we are replacing your old gas furnace with a new one, or if it is an entirely new installation, Air Crafts guarantees that the final outcome will look neat and clean and provide you with top performance.


Furnaces and other heating mechanisms are machines, and just like all machines, they eventually break down. So, whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, you are bound to experience issues with your heating system, sooner or later. Having to deal with heating system repairs can be stressful, especially when you have no idea what is going on with your furnace or whole-home heater.

Let’s take a look at some common furnace breakdown symptoms:

  • Furnace is not turning on.
  • Furnace keeps shutting off
  • Furnace is too loud
  • Furnace has a strange odor

Please contact Air Crafts immediately if any of these issues are occurring. Needless to say, having your furnace or heating equipment regularly and properly serviced by a certified contractor is a smart investment.