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Cleaning Materials and Lubricants Required for Maintenance Cisits
Maintenance. Maintenance. Maintenance.

It is so important...

It is so important yet so often overlooked. You wouldn’t run your car a full year without an oil change, so why do so many homeowners and businesses run their air treatment systems for years before having them serviced? Proper maintenance is quite possibly the most important factor when it comes to prolonging the lifespan of your heating system. Contact us for our complete maintenance services, and the importance of service agreements.

Air Conditioner


An air conditioner that is properly-maintained is notably more efficient than a neglected system. Maintaining your A/C system is critical for sustaining a functioning unit that will last as long as it should. Most all air conditioner repair work can be easily avoided with on going preventative maintenance… saving you money and keeping your system working well for longer.

Frequency of Furnace


How often you maintain your furnace or other heating equipment really depends on how much you use it. The frequency of your furnace maintenance depends on how much you use it. At the bare minimum, however, you should have your furnace serviced at least once a year right before the winter weather gets here. This will get your furnace ready for the upcoming season. Having your furnace follow a regular maintenance schedule is the best thing you can do to avoid inconvenient repairs and potential life-threatening gas furnace failures.



Having Air Crafts regularly inspect for leaks and clean your ductwork can prevent future repairs. Maintaining clean ductwork is an essential component of indoor air quality. Air Crafts offers standard air conditioner maintenance agreements that include ductwork inspections. It is normal for ducts to develop leaks over time, since the adhesive used to bond the joints will eventually deteriorate. Also, accidental bumps that may occur during other home maintenance tasks, which require working in close proximity to ducts, may puncture or crush ductwork. Although outer duct damages may be apparent by simple visual inspections, leaks aren’t always so obvious. This is why it is so important for Air Crafts to perform a duct leakage test in order to accurately measure the airflow and airtightness of your duct system.

Maintenance & Manufacturers’


Not only are tune-ups great for getting the best performance and longest life span out of your heating equipment, but regular furnace maintenance is usually required to keep manufacturers’ warranties active. Warranties are a way for manufacturers to give their consumers peace of mind with a written agreement that promises to replace certain items should they malfunction within a specified period. If items fail within that period, then manufacturers may offer replacement parts or repairs at no cost to the consumer. Not all warranties offer the same promises, so you’ll need to read your warranties closely.

One element often found in heating and cooling equipment warranties, however, is that proper and regular maintenance is needed in order to keep products under warranty. If you do not have records of regular maintenance, then the manufacturer can choose not to honor the warranty, since you failed to honor the guidelines for proper maintenance on the warranty as well.